Events for Aspiring Women Directors
Cover Dialogue with FTD 350x199

Directors Dialogue with Female First-Time Directors

19 June 2018, Tuesday

Cover Dialogue with FTD 350x199

Bloomberg and Diversity Action Committee (DAC) jointly organised a Dialogue with Female First-Time Directors to exchange ideas on raising women’s representation on corporate boards in Singapore and actions that aspiring female board directors should take. The dialogue was led by:

  • Ms Goh Swee Chen, Chairman, Shell Companies in Singapore and Independent Director, CapitaLand Limited
  • Mr Sherman Kwek, CEO of City Developments Limited
19Jun2018 FTD event Panel
19Jun2018 FTD event Goh Swee Chen
19Jun2018 FTD event Sherman Kwek

Media trainer Mr Mark Laudi also conducted a Communications Workshop. He shared tips on public speaking and building an executive presence, especially as a board director of a public company.

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