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Lack of ‘board-ready’ women talents: perception or reality?

A strong and diverse board should be viewed as a strategic asset to enhance the long-term sustainability and resiliency of the organisation. Organisations serious about improving diversity on their boards should set clear goals on board diversity and qualification criteria, keep an open mind to cast the net wide and deep, and commit to a rigorous interview and selection processes.

SSGA: All holdings to have at least one woman director from 2022

Till date, this policy applied only to major indices in select global markets. State Street Global Advisors also expects boards to have at least 30% women directors for companies in major indices in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia, from 2023. SSGA is prepared to vote against the board leader or Nominating Committee Chair of firms that fail to meet these expectations.

Otherwise, the investor may vote against the re-election of directors deemed responsible for the lack of women’s participation. Its 2022 voting guidelines also indicate that it may vote against the re-election of independent directors serving more than 9 years unless the board provides cogent justification. BlackRock expects US companies to have at least 2 women directors.

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From 24 Feb2022
Course (online)Non-Executive Director Diploma
by Financial Times
16 – 19 Mar2022
Course (in US)Preparing to Be a Corporate Director
by Harvard Business School
From 11 May2022
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Interviews and Speeches

Mildred Tan

Co-Chair, Council for Board Diversity; Chair, Tote Board Singapore and Singapore University of Social Sciences Board of Trustees

“Our lodestar is that board diversity must ultimately translate into positive outcomes for companies.” Read her Op-Ed ‘Compulsory disclosure on board diversity allows champions to shine’.

Gerard Ee

Chairman, Charity Council

“If (IPCs) are dealing with works involving the family, then certainly it is a great benefit to them to have women directors on board to present the views of the women and what they face at home or in the family.” See coverage by CNA Singapore Tonight on women’s participation on boards as at Jun 2021 here.

Tan Ching Yee

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance and Prime Minister’s Office (Special Duties); Chair, ACRA and IRAS

Managing duality becomes an imperative in crises. Boards need to balance between supporting and pushing management to confront the difficult questions. Read key takeaways from the Leadership-in-Action Conversation with Mrs Tan here.

Ong Chong Tee

Deputy Chair, Board of Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority

To weather crises like Covid-19, boards can look at improving the organisation’s operational resilience, business resilience, and human capital resilience. Read the highlights from the Leadership-in-Action Conversation with Mr Ong here.

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Pointers for Aspiring Board Directors
Compiled by the Council for Board Diversity


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