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4 companies Wilmar International, CapitaLand, Tianjin Zhong Xin Pharmaceutical Group, and SATS Ltd recently appointed women to their boards. One statutory board, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, also appointed their first woman director to the board. We look forward to more organisations taking their lead, to move the needle on board diversity in Singapore.

The study found that those with more women directors, lower average age, and shorter average tenures adopt more socially and ecologically sustainable business practices. As sustainability plays an increasingly important role in commercial success, diverse boards will be better equipped to face the future and put themselves in better stead among investors and the general public.

Hong Kong Exchange’s proposed rules seeks to discourage single-gender boards, giving companies a three-year transition period to comply. The writer attributes Hong Kong’s low participation of women on boards to the close networks of family-controlled and male-dominated businesses. Board diversity has become a key investment consideration companies cannot ignore.

More women appointed to boards in private, public and people sectors

More organisations across the three sectors now have at least 30% women on board. Although more first-time directors are being appointed, majority are still men. Organisations are urged to consider directors with a wider mix of gender, age, skills, experiences, and backgrounds amidst post-pandemic recovery and to be open to first-time female directors. Read the full report here.

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From 15 Jun2021
Course (online)International Directors Programme
From 9 Sep2021
From 14 Sep2021
Course (in Hong Kong)Non-Executive Director Diploma Asia
by The Financial Times
29 Sep – 2 Oct2021
Course (online) Preparing to Be a Corporate Director
by Harvard Business School
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Interviews and Speeches

Ong Chong Tee

Deputy Chair, Board of Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority

To weather crises like Covid-19, boards can look at improving the organisation’s operational resilience, business resilience, and human capital resilience. Read about the Fireside Chat with Mr Ong here.

Euleen Goh

Chairman, SATS Ltd, and Singapore Institute of Management; Deputy Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell plc; and other directorships

The three underlying imperatives for companies’ long-term survival are the ‘ABC’ (Agility, Beliefs, Connectivity) of their corporate DNA. Read about the Fireside Chat with Ms Goh here.

Lim Hwee Hua

Board Director of United Overseas Bank, Jardine Cycle & Carriage, and Trustee of the International Valuation Standards Council

Board Directors may consider applying ‘P-H-D’ (People, Hard decisions, Dynamism/Digitalisation/Diversity) in board deliberations in light of unprecedented disruption due to Covid-19. Read about the Fireside Chat with Mrs Lim here.

Sherman Kwek

CEO, City Developments Limited

“The ‘4Cs’ common to successful board directors are: Courageous, Curious, Comprehensive, and Calm.” Read more about what Mr Kwek shared at his Fireside Chat with CBD here.

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Pointers for Aspiring Board Directors
Compiled by the Council for Board Diversity


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