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Statutory Boards


Top 100 Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs)

Key Statistics

  • Statutory boards showed the most progress among the people, private and public sectors, achieving 27.5% women’s participation on boards as at 31 December 2020.
  • The 100 largest primary-listed companies on Singapore Exchange (“SGX”) achieved 17.6% WOB, and the top 100 Institutions of a Public Character (“IPCs”) achieved 28.8% WOB.
  • All three sectors showed an increase in the number of boards that have achieved 30% or more WOB although all have yet to reach the targets set by CBD in 2019.
  • Companies have the lowest proportion of women board chairs compared to Statutory Boards and IPCs.
  • All organisations encouraged to appoint qualified candidates with relevant experience but first-time on boards, in their move for diversity.

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