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Key Statistics

  • Gender diversity among the largest listed companies, the statutory boards and charitable institutions progressed in some aspects in the first half of 2021.
  • The 100 largest primary-listed companies on Singapore Exchange reported a rise in women’s participation on boards (“WOB”) from 17.6% to 18.0% and statutory boards from 27.5% to 28.8%, while WOB for the 100 largest Institutions of a Public Character (“IPCs”) declined from 28.8% to 28.1%.
  • Excluding the effect of changes in composition of the groups, WOB of listed companies would have been 18.4%, and IPCs 28.6%.
  • Two companies – Far East Hospitality Trust and Singapore Post – reached gender parity in 1H2021 with WOB of 50%. (Singapore Post appointed a male director onto the board, effective 1 September 2021, bringing their latest proportion of WOB to 44%.)
  • All statutory boards now have women directors.
  • More first-time directors were appointed to the largest companies (67% of total appointments) than ever before. However, men continued to outnumber women in the ratio of 3:1.

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