Case For Diverse Boards

NUS study: Women board directors have a positive impact on financial performance of companies

  • The first study in Singapore, using econometric techniques, to establish a relationship between board gender diversity and company’s financial performance, acting through corporate governance.
  • Women independent directors have a positive direct effect on financial performance.
  • Adding one woman independent director, on average, is expected to improve financial performance by 11.8%.
  • For more details on the findings, read the PRESS RELEASE HERE 

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News coverage:

Views from Boards

Achieving gender diversity is not merely about appointing more women to boards. The real issue is far more important as it goes to the heart of Singapore’s reputation as a business and financial centre: Governance.

Board chairmen and investors share their views on board diversity.

Board Diversity Fosters A Healthy Balance

It is essential for the board to be business savvy, capable of overseeing the growth of returns in addition to the governance that keeps the company steady on its course. Ideally we would be looking for the collective balance of the board that performs greater than the sum of its parts. That calls for diversity. Increasing attention is being paid to women on boards. Why?

Why Gender Diversity Matters: A Competitive Advantage

The topic of ‘diversity’ is increasingly important as economies become progressively globalised and business challenges become more progressively globalised and business challenges become more complex.