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Meet Our Women Leaders

Yeo Siew Eng

Independent Director, Venture Corporation and Independent Director, Nam Lee Pressed Metal
“Many changes are imminent and many more unknown changes will come… Curiosity and the willingness to engage in continuous learning are good mindsets to have.”
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Dan Luo

Independent Director, Yeo Hiap Seng and GM, Strategic Business Development, Fonterra
“Throughout my career, I built skills in different business functions, which has allowed me to look at a business in its entirety.”
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Susan Soh

Head of Asia-Pacific, Schroders and Chair, Investment Management Association of Singapore
“Agility and continuous enhancement is the way to go. We need to eliminate the inherent fear of failure, which stifles innovation, and inculcate a continuous learning and growth mindset in our culture.”
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Chien Chien Wong

CEO for Singapore and COO for Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse
“Working in the US was a great experience for me; it exposed me to different perspectives such as the size of business in Asia versus in the US, markets, products, people, culture, regulations and so on.”
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Lisa Liaw

Chair, American Chamber of Commerce Singapore Director & Financial Controller, American Express
“Leaders should ask themselves: what differentiated value and benefit can our organisation bring to customers? This may be more challenging if you’ve been successful or established in your identity.”
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Sandy Foo

Deputy Head of the Corporate & Transactional Group and Head of the the M&A practice, Rajah & Tann Singapore
“What I have always found useful is to keep a clear mind and focus on what is really important. … If there is a problem, I focus on solving it together, collaboratively and constructively.”
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