Lynette Tan will create a better future through the space economy

Lynette Tan

In doing so, the Chairwoman & CEO of Space Faculty is equally careful to nurture Earthly corporate concerns. She gives the Council for Board Diversity this wide-ranging interview about the business of space, why you need devil’s advocates on the board, and the one question she wishes people would stop asking her.

Dr Zhou Lihan is bolstering the future of preventive healthcare

Zhou Lihan

On the eve of Mirxes’s listing application with The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, CBD sat down with the biotech’s far-sighted CEO and co-founder Dr Zhou Lihan to find out how cognitive diversity lends to his firm’s advancements in making the early detection of diseases accessible on a global scale.

Board diversity is more than a number

Council for Board Diversity

With Singapore’s business-led, voluntary approach, the intent is to encourage organisations on their journey of board diversity without being too prescriptive. In embracing diversity organically, organisations naturally put more effort into ensuring a culture that values and maximises the contributions of all, as opposed to diversity being a result of unthinking compliance.