68 companies which added women to their boards in 2018

Companies added women to their boards in 2018

Number of women directors added

Director Name

Appointment Type

Ascendas India Trust 1 Zia Mody* Independent Director
CapitaLand Commercial Trust 1 Quek Bin Hwee* Independent Director
CapitaLand Retail China Trust 1 Kuan Li Li* Independent Director
City Developments Limited 1 Jenny Lim Yin Nee Independent Director
Far East Hospitality Trust 1 Vivienne Lim Hui Bian* Independent Director
Genting Singapore Limited 1 Chan Swee Liang Carolina* Independent Director
IHH Healthcare Berhad 1 Jill Margaret Watts Independent Director
Keppel Infrastructure Trust 1 Cindy Lim Joo Ling* Non-Executive Director
Netlink NBN Trust 1 Ku Xian Hong* Independent Director
Prudential PLC 1 Jane Fields Wicker-Miurin Non-Executive Director
Raffles Medical Group Ltd 1 Sarah Lu Qinghui* Non-Executive Director
Sasseur Real Estate Investment Trust 1 Yang Xue Non-Executive Director
SembCorp Industries Ltd 1 Dr Josephine Kwa Lay Keng Independent Director
Sheng Siong Group Ltd. 1 Tan Poh Hong* Independent Director
Singapore Post Limited 1 Chu Swee Yeok* Independent Director
Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd 1 Song Su-Min* Independent Director
Singapore Telecommunications Limited 1 Song Su-Min* Independent Director
SPH REIT 1 Hoo Sheau Farn* Independent Director
StarHub Ltd 2 Nayantara Bali Independent Director
Ng Shin Ein Independent Director
Thai Beverage Public Company Limited 3 Chatri Banchuin* Independent Director
Kritika Kongsompong* Independent Director
Potjanee Thanavaranit Independent Director
Tianjin Zhong Xin Pharmaceutical Group Corporation Limited [LARGE] 1 Yu Hong* Executive Director
Venture Corporation Limited 2 Kuok Oon Kwong Independent Director
Tan Seok Hoong @Mrs Audrey Liow* Independent Director
Centurion Corporation Limited 1 Tan Poh Hong Independent Director
Chip Eng Seng Corporation Ltd 1 Chen Huaidan @ Celine Tang Non-Executive Chairman
Koufu Group Limited 1 Ng Hoon Tien Executive Director
Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail Trust 1 Viven Gouw Sitiabudi Executive Director
Metro Holdings Limited 1 Deborah Lee Siew Yin Independent Director
8Telecom International Holdings Co Ltd 2 Tiffany Gong Qian* Executive Director
Xiang Ying* Non-Executive Director
AnAn International Limited 1 Ju Jia Executive Director
Anwell Technologies Limited 1 Linda Lim Geok Chee* Non-Executive Director
BRC Asia Limited 1 Chang Pui Yook* Independent Director
CH Offshore Ltd 1 Jeanette Chang Non-Executive Director
Chuan Hup Holdings Limited 1 Heng Su-Ling, Mae Independent Director
Courage Investment Group Limited 1 Wan Jia Executive Director
Dyna-Mac Holdings Ltd. 1 Lee Kim Lian, Juliana Independent Director
Ellipsiz Ltd 1 Iris Wu Hwee Tan Non-Executive Director
Guoan International Limited 1 Bai Wei Non-Executive Director
iFAST Corporation Ltd. 1 Janice Wu Sung Sung Non-Executive Director
KTL Global Limited 1 Zhao Chengcheng* Independent Director
mDR Limited 1 Zhang Yanmin* Non-Executive Director
PCI Limited 1 Joanna Young Sau Kwan Independent Director
Raffles Education Corporation Limited 1 Rosie Gan Hui Tin Independent Director
Samudera Shipping Line Ltd 1 Lee Lay Eng Juliana* Independent Director
SEVAK Limited 1 Chada Anitha Reddy Non-Executive Director
Sunmoon Food Company Limited 1 Liu Yuanyuan* Non-Executive Director
Yunnan Energy International Co. Limited 2 Zhao Na Executive Director
Jing Pilin Independent Director
Zhongmin Baihui Retail Group Ltd. 1 Goh Poh Kee* Independent Director
Alliance Mineral Assets Limited 1 Vicki Wei Xie Non-Executive Director
AnnAik Limited 1 Tan Poh Hong Independent Director
ayondo Ltd 1 Lam Shiao Ning Independent Director
Biolidics Limited 1 Toh Shih Hua Independent Director
China Real Estate Grp Ltd 1 Lum Moy Foong* Non-Executive Director
China Medical (International) Group Limited 1 Jennifer Chang Shyre Gwo Non-Executive Director
Global Dragon Limited 1 Pan Pei Say* Independent Director
Heatec Jietong Holdings Ltd. 1 Liely Lee Independent Director
Jawala Inc. 2 Faridah Bt Mohd. Fuad Stephens Independent Director
Nadja Binti Jema Khan Non-Executive Director
Kimly Limited 1 Wong Kok Yoong* Executive Director
LY Corporation Limited 1 Tan Ai Luang Executive Director
Medinex Limited 1 Jessie Low Mui Choo* Executive Director
MeGroup Ltd. 1 Wong Keat Yee* Executive Director
Pollux Properties Ltd 1 Luciana* Non-Executive Director
Singapore Medical Group Limited 1 Stefanie Yuen Thio Independent Director
SLB Development Ltd 1 Ong Lay Koon Non-Executive Chairman
Sunrise Shares Holdings Ltd 1 Huang Yi Anna* Non-Executive Director
Synagie Corporation Ltd 2 Zanetta Lee Yue* Executive Director
Olive Tai Ho Yan* Executive Director
Transcorp Holdings Limited 1 Ding Xinyan* Independent Director
Yinda Infocomm Limited 2 Tang Qun* Independent Director
Shao Lifang* Executive Director
Total 76
Updated: 31 December 2018
Note: * indicates first-time directors (directors who have not previously served on listed company boards)

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